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January 2010

I enter my fifth year as an unlicensed person. I have saved £675.50 by not paying TVL/BBC and, assuming 50p a letter, cost the BBC a further £22 in postage.

Here is January's mailing; they claim to have opened an investigation:

February 2010

The envelope has a red barcode, running vertically. I leave a small portion visible.

This is the sixth time I have had this particular format of letter; can't BBC/TVL send me something new?

March 2010

At last, a new letter format. Some Enforcement Officers are going to visit me.

Enclosed is a reminder that says I will save £3 if I pay this month; but I shall be saving £145.50 by not paying

April 2010

The demand for money rises to £145.50.

June 2010

Hello, what's this?

July 2010

August 2010

I have been asked to comment on the below letter. Note the new wording: "We want to ensure you have the information you may need before a hearing is set at your local court".

Distorted English aside ("ensure ... may need"), the letter does not state that a hearing is set, or will be set. The word "is" appears, but is rendered hypothetical by the word "before".

Similarly, "You will be allowed to take it into court with you", means nothing. I can take the Beano into court with me, if I want.

What to expect in court - TV licence

October 2010

A visitor to this site has sent in a photo of a new style letter. It features the word "investigation" a record-breaking eight times; see if you can spot them.

November 2010

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